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liquid filler & capper hfc40      
HFC120 Twins Liquid Filler & Capper    

HFC120 Twins Liquid Filler & Capper


  • Use for syrup, suspension, medicated oil etc.
  • Filling, Cap Sorting and Capping in one block
  • Sanitary tri-clamp for easy cleaning
  • Meeting GMP standard
  • Rotary Intermittent by mechanical CAM driven
  • Fully enclosed with guard open alarm
  • Safety features detection for guard open, cap present, low pressure, front and rear emergency stops etc.
  • Can be constructed in straight-line layout
  • Dual Capping heads
  • Volumetric filling
  • 316L product contact parts
  • User friendly via. HMI touch panel
  • No bottle no fill, no cap.
  • IQ/OQ Validation documents


  • Mechanical Speed up to 120bpm
  • Filling range from 0.6ml to 150ml
  • Noise level below 70dB
  • Suitable for cap ROPP, SOC, POC
  • Foot print 9ft(L) x 8ft(W) x 6ft(H)

  • Vision to be world class in providing total machineries solutions in an environmental friendly manner.