MH Multipack Sdn. Bhd.

HC160 Aerosol Tipper and Capper      
HC160 Aerosol Tipper and Capper

HC160 Aerosol Tipper and Capper


  • State of art, sorting, feeding and placing in one auto line.
  • Full safety detection on tip missing, cap missing, low pressure, hard jam, emergency stop, upstream and downstream hand shake.
  • High efficiency and performance with very competitive price.
  • Quick change-over
  • Suitable for aluminum or metal cans


  • Mechanical Speed 160cpm
  • Line direction: left to right
  • Can diameter : 30 -66mm
  • Can height : 80-300mm
  • Tip diameter : 12-30mm
  • Cap diameter: 30-66mm
  • Foot print : 35ft(L) x 5ft(W) x 7.5ft(H)

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